Thursday, December 10, 2009

Search Engine Optimization Factors

SEO friendly website can respond well to search engines as compared to others. Website having poor utilization of basic SEO aspects will need more efforts to improve. As said these aspects can be properly utilized by any designer/developer with basic knowledge of SEO. Rest tweaking and changes in code, adding tag etc. can be done by SEO Company. Such initial factors collectively can create a good base for your future Search Engine Optimization Campaign.

Also if website is not user friendly, loading time is high, does not have proper title or Meta tags, there is very high possibility that in spite of getting high ranking visitor may not like to navigate through or click on the website. That’s why it is accepted by most of
Search Engine Optimization Experts that Title, Meta Description should be utilized to increase click through rate of website not Only for SEO prospective.

Meta Description needs to be look like ads which can enhance any visitor to click on your website (Ad). Same feature is utilized in Adwords where we want visitor to click on our Ad where Google is showing about 15-17 numbers of results (Including Organic and Paid).


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