Saturday, January 30, 2010

Internal Pages Naming and URL Optimizations in SEO

As we understand that our domain with keywords is already preferred in search engine to get that particular rank fast. Just to add to previous post Yahoo and Bing prefer this more as compared to Google, but still it will have advantage over all search engines.

When we optimize internal pages for our website or name them there has to some aspect which can be taken care of in SEO Marketing.

  • Folder/Directory name for internal pages should be relevant.
  • Static URLs are more preferred than Dynamic, but nowadays it is accepted by SEO Experts that search engine algorithm is more advanced. Still there should not be much query strings and length of internal page URL.
  • Avoid numbers in the URL and use words
  • Keep complete url structure in lowercase
  • Try to use your keywords while naming the internal page or words relevant to that particular page.
  • Separating multiple keywords in URL using hyphens
  • Number of Sub folders in your URL should be in small number


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