Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Broad or Long Tails | Keywords For SEO Marketing

Now starting with SEO Campaign for your website and choosing final list of keywords, we need to be very specific for this. We have few options during selections of keywords for SEO Strategy, i.e. Broad keywords or Long tail keywords. There has been dilemma in experts for which one to choose or leave. Most of experts go with Broad keywords (Short tail) which of course used to have high Search Volume.

Broad (Short Tail) keywords can be good if they back up your Product Brand or its name. But these may take long time to get on higher pages of search engines, you might be competing with wikepedia or some old competitive pages. And also it is admitted by all experts that Long tail search queries has higher Conversions rate. Traffic with Long tail keywords is mostly Potential Buyers who are likely to buy /avail your products/services. Long tail keywords are easy to rank and you can choose many of those to get on first pages which may need less work than one Short tail keyword.

For Example: Broad Keywords like: Web Design, Used Furniture
These are too competitive keywords and may take year to get on higher pages. But competition will automatically decrease once you target long tails, and of course search volume will be low but will be more specific and relevant. Web Design can be further enhanced to less competitive ones which are also relevant, long tail can be made by adding city/state name provided you have some search popularity for such keywords like:
web site design company, ecommerce web site design, web design ny, website design ny

Same is for “Used Furtniture:
buy used office furniture, used furniture dealers, used furniture ny, used office furniture ny

We can target long tail with good popularity for our SEO Marketing. As mentioned sometime high numbers of long tail keywords can be easily ranked with potential traffic in spite unable to get high rankings for single Broad or short tail keyword.

Advantage of Long Tails keywords in SEO

Low Google Competition, Easy to rank
High Conversion Rate,
Easy and more Specific Traffic
Broad keywords can give you lots of irrelevant traffic
Best Strategy for any new website


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