Friday, December 11, 2009

SEO Keywords Research | Base of SEO Marketing Campaign

Most of the SEO Experts take this task of low importance or does not do proper research & analysis for keywords. Even you can choose the right keywords for your business and can run the perfect SEO Marketing Campaign for your website.There are lots of free tools to research and analyze the keywords for your website. So there is not much exercise involved in getting keywords for your website. But work start when you are going to finalize the list. Long list of keywords is never going to give you good outcome as it will need large budget and time for process.

We have to make combination of long tail and general (short tail)keywords for the campaign. But please do not work on too generic where you may have to compete with wikepedia or may get lots of irrelevant traffic. Do not target the one who are looking for information but target that are ready to buy or avail your services. As said you can have the data from any free tool, Google adword tool has been seen more effective as compared to other. But it is not as simple to just get the high search count keywords because it will be a hard nut to crack.

Long tail keywords are sometime very fruitful, not only they can get rank early but also can give you potential traffic meanwhile you wait for short tail ones to come on top pages. That’s why make a combination of both so that you start getting some return from your investments with in few month, in spite waiting for 6-8 month to get some competitive ones to come on top pages with high investments.

As said, it is important to finalize the terms before you start Search Engine Optimization for your website. Optimizing a website for the search queries nobody is looking is not of any worth. Search count is the important metric taken into considerations but competition also need analysis to make target more specific and achievable. We have to understand objective or intent of the customer while choosing our list. We have to confess that different Internet Marketing Experts may have different techniques, perceptions and ideas for analyzing and working on keywords research. So there may be differences in the lists but bottom line is to targets words which can bring sale, conversions and relevant traffic.You can choose broad, phrase or long tail keywords. We will know how these keywords combinations impact on our SEO Strategy in next series.


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